Wheels West, Wings East

George and Peggy, perfect hosts, deposited us at the airport at 5 AM.


We took off just after sunrise.


Here is the landscape through which we pedaled a few days ago.  This time, we saw no wildflowers or tarantulas.

In just over an hour by plane, we crossed half of New Mexico, the entire Texas Panhandle and all of Oklahoma.  It had taken us 11 days to propel ourselves over that ground.  In our defense, we fought headwinds.  The plane had a tailwind.  😉


On May 24, we crossed the Mississippi at St. Louis on a bridge 90 feet above the river. Today we crossed it again, near Memphis, 30,000 feet up.

After a quick transfer in Atlanta, we landed in New York City.



L to R: Joey (in red pannier), Jeffrey (in Statue of Liberty necktie). Photo by Nancy.


After 24 days, together again in NYC!

Give Jeffrey a chance to regroup.  Only yesterday, he was pedaling uphill, a mile above sea level, in heat up to 98F (37C), even hotter in the sun.  In the next few days, he’ll post a summing-up of the 6th Annual Ride for Human Rights.

10 thoughts on “Wheels West, Wings East

  1. HOORAY….back home and just in time for Shavuot…..Dig into some refreshing ice cream or blintzes….not jalapeno peppers necessary……

    cousin Joel

  2. Home at last. You look no worse for wear and boy, was there wear.
    I sure hope we can see each other soon. I would love to hear more about your terrific meetings. I will give you two some breathing space. You were just fantastic. As usual.

  3. Welcome home!! You get to eat alll the carbs and sugar you want!

    Inspiring work, as always.

  4. Happy homecoming, Jeffrey! Hope you and Nancy are enjoying a relaxing Sunday–together! Thank you for inspiring us all.

  5. Welcome home. Jeff! Thank you for taking us followers on such an inspirational ride!

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